We care for the nation's most important floors.

We developed our floor care products with one tough customer in mind: the United States Postal Service. Postal floors must stand up to heavy foot traffic, shipping carts, dirt from daily use, even foul weather residue. Yet through it all, we keep postal floors shining.

Federal Floor Care, inc. products are designed to meet the special needs of Post Offices, government institutions, and other commercial businesses with high standards for floor care. Our focus is threefold:


First and foremost, our products must provide unmatched durability and shine. Our strippers remove any kind of floor wax or finish. Our cleaners lift away dirt and deposits for easier cleaning. Our finishes provide long-lasting shine from first application through routine buffing.


Our products save time and labor. Our products are easy to apply, work effectively, and dry quickly without streaks or residue. They can be applied by a single person manually or with floor care equipment, either way our products require minimal time and effort.


Most of our products are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, ensuring that the product is used wisely and economically. You get floors that look as if they’ve been labored over without all the hard work. In addition, the results last longer so that floors can go years without complete stripping.

Duro-Green Sustainable Floor Care Program